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Webquest about Michelangelo

samedi 16 juillet 2022 par Alain BOULEAU

En seconde :Thème 2 Histoire : XVe-XVIe siècles : un nouveau rapport au monde, un temps de mutation intellectuelle. Chapitre 2. Renaissance, Humanisme et réformes religieuses : les mutations de l’Europe - PPO 1508 - Michel-Ange entreprend la réalisation de la fresque de la Chapelle Sixtine : activité numérique sur Michelangelo.

Check the following web page out : https://spark.adobe.com/page/ms95gI...

An exhibit of Michelangelo’s art work and sculptures is coming to your town and you have to help get the word out. It will be held in the lobby of the newly built cinema MK2 for people waiting before the movie entitled « SIN Michelangelo » released in 2021.
As a journalist specialized in art history you have been asked to write an article about the exhibit :
1. Find a catchy headline
2. Write an article divided into 2 parts : the artist’s personality and his worst opponent and anecdotes about some of his major pieces of art
3. Find the information you would need by clicking on the links in the webpage. It will help you to answer the questions on your worksheet before writing your article.

Here are a couple of questions you want to answer to be able to write a stunning article !

  • 1st link : a video to get to know the painter ….Hummm…. the sculptor…well both of them !
  • 2nd link : an article about his personality and his worst opponent at Papal court ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 3rd link : take a virtual tour in the Sistine Chapel to discover the ceiling and the wall behind the altar : what a man was capable of achieving !
  • 4th link : an article. Search for anecdotes about the Sistine Chapel ceiling and the wall behind the altar :
    o What are the 5 parts represented on the ceiling ?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o What is the 1st panel you see if you enter the Sistine Chapel from the back ?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o How is god portrayed ?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o What does the wall behind the altar represent ?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o A self portrait of Michelangelo is hidden somewhere in the painting : where ?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o Why did Michelangelo paint everyone nude ?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 5th link : a video. Search for anecdotes about Moses
    o What bigger piece of art does Moses belong to ?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o What does he look at worryingly ? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    o Why are there 2 horns on his head ? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now you are ready to write your stunning article !

START WITH A CATCHY HEADLINE to help people understanding the exhibit then write 2 paragraphs
1st paragraph : about Michelangelo’s personality and his worst opponent at the Papal court
2nd paragraph : a summary note about the art works (information and anecdotes)

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Webquest about Michelangelo

16 juillet 2022
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Activité en Histoire 2e

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