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ANZAC DAY We will remember them

samedi 16 juillet 2022 par Natacha HANNEQUIN

Create a memorabilia box / a time capsule (team work)

Assignment : The experience of soldiers

In this assignment we are going to look at how we remember the past. In particular, we will look at the experiences of soldiers or servicemen
and women.

Your task :

1. Choose an Australian who was involved in one of the major wars of the twentieth century. Eg World War I.
The person can have been in the army, the navy, the air-force or part of the medical corps or the secret service. That person can be a
relation or have been connected with your family. If you can not find one, you may talk to your teacher about a suitable person to

2. Gather information and create a memorabilia collection or a time capsule.
This can include such things as documents, letters, diary entries, pictures, anecdotes, stories, tales told about the person you have chosen.
You may include information or documents found in the museum you have visited the 25th April.
Include maps, photos, recipes, poems, objects, souvenirs and other items that will help put your study in perspective.
(We are looking at the way people were at that time and trying to understand why they were willing to go to war and consider what
impact the particular war had on society.)

3. Present your findings in a memorabilia collection or a time capsule.
The collection could be in a small box, casket, folder…

4. At the end of your study, you will give an oral report or explanation of your findings.

Assessment criteria :
Collection : Items, at least 5, that show some of the person’s experience, and are appropriate for the time (authentic)
A range of items (more than 5) that show some feelings and response to the situation, and conditions. Empathy evident.
A comprehensive range of items, innovative presentation
Thoughtful insight evident in response to the situation
Oral report : A brief explanation to show why the items are significant and why the person was chosen
A clear explanation about why the person was chosen and justification of why the items are significant. Some insight into the values
held at the time.
Sources and information : Use primary sources and websites : eg : sjmc.gov.au

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ANZAC DAY We will remember them

16 juillet 2022
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